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Follow along throughout the event. Speaker presentation links are listed below.

June 6
Atrial Fibrilation | Harish Manyam, MD ICON_pdfVIEW
Venous Insufficiency and Varicose Veins | Vince Gardner ICON_pdfVIEW 
Parkinson's Disease | Megan Stevens, MD ICON_pdfVIEW
Continuous Glucose Monitoring | J. Lacie Bradford, PharmD, BCPS ICON_pdfVIEW
Childhood Cough | Jeffrey Bennett, MD ICON_pdfVIEW
Siskin Peds - Autism | Jenesis Yanez, MD ICON_pdfVIEW
Asthma Update | Susan Raschal, DO ICON_pdfVIEW
Adrenal Insufficiency | Sarah Conway, MD ICON_pdf VIEW

June 7
Menopause | Elliott Carter, MD ICON_pdfVIEW
Pelvic Floor Prolapse | Henry Okafor, MD ICON_pdfVIEW
Chronic Kidney Disease | Christopher Poole, MD ICON_pdfVIEW
Weight Loss: Medical/Surgical | Leslie Griffin, MD VIEW
Shoulder Exam | Jeremy Bruce, MD
Pain Management | Rett Blake ICON_pdfVIEW
Sleep Apnea | Juan Cuebas, MD ICON_pdf VIEW
Common Skin Conditions in Primary Care | Alexandria Cooke, MD ICON_pdf VIEW