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The Weight Loss Program

Pro-Fit Plus

A unique weight loss program designed to fit you. This 12-week program features consultation with a registered dietitian, a psychological evaluation by a behaviorist, membership to the Chattanooga Lifestyle Center wellness gym and pool classes, and an individualized exercise prescription by an exercise physiologist.  The program is individualized with your needs in mind.

One-on-One Nutrition Consultation

This program involves an initial appointment with a registered dietitian to devise an individualized meal plan, along with a follow-up appointment as needed and recommendations for a case-specific exercise program.

Other Amenities

The wellness gym and pool at the Chattanooga Lifestyle Center are available at scheduled times throughout the week for those participating in either the medical or surgical weight loss program. Exercise options available here include pool classes, low-intensity exercise classes, which combine calisthenics, weight training, balance work, and core training, and the exercise combo class, a low-impact class incorporating cardiovascular exercise, strength training, toning and flexibility.

Call 778-9400 to enroll or learn more about Erlanger’s medical weight management programs at the Chattanooga Lifestyle Canter, including exercise, nutrition and support group programs.