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Host a Fundraiser

Organize Your Own Fundraiser or Service Project to make a difference at Erlanger.

Are you already a member of a service, professional or social group and looking for a charity to support? Or, are you part of a business or organization that coordinates philanthropic events? Please consider designating Children’s Hospital at Erlanger as your beneficiary. Big or small, your fundraisers (everything from road races or cycling events to golf/tennis tournaments, food/wine tastings and black tie affairs) can help meet the very critical needs of the young patients at Children’s.

How Can My Group, Organization or Business Start Supporting Children’s Hospital at Erlanger?

No matter the size of your fundraiser, you can make a difference. To help ensure the success of your event, Children’s established the following procedures for fundraising and promoting your event or project. Fundraising events require prior sanction and support from the Children's Hospital Foundation.

  1. Identify what type of fundraising event you’d like to host. The possibilities are up to your imagination, but here’s a list of ideas to get you started.
  2. Review the Guidelines and Policies and complete the Special Project Form to confirm that your event can be sanctioned as an third-party event to benefit Erlanger Health System.
  3. A representative from Erlanger Foundations will contact you to discuss next steps with your event.

Thank you for choosing to support the Children’s Hospital. Your generosity will help make miracles happen for thousands of children in 125 mile radius and 4 states.

For More Information

Please contact Rebecca Styles at rebecca.styles@erlanger.org for additional information.

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