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Erlanger Institute for Clinical Research

Our mission is to promote, support, and encourage clinical research!

The Erlanger Institute for Clinical Research (EICR) was created in 2013 to provide a platform of clinical research-related services for EHS-affiliated clinicians who are interested in, or have the opportunity to address their patient’s needs with novel solutions and approaches utilizing evolving new modalities and options through practical clinical research.

Among the services that we provide are:

  • Research coordinator availability
  • Site budget analysis/negotiation solutions
  • Assistance with start-up documents and IRB interactions
  • Other arising needs for funded clinical research efforts

EICR currently works with an expanding variety of international, national, regional, and local clinical trial sponsors to attempt to address some of these cutting-edge, novel, new opportunities for improved medical care delivery.

Contact us to learn how to become a sponsor, investigator, or participant

Erlanger Institute for Clinical Research
979 East 3rd Street, Suite B1203
Chattanooga, TN 37403

Hours: 8AM – 4PM

Lakina Campbell, MS, CCRP, Clinical Research Manager Lakina.Campbell@erlanger.org


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