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YoMingo® Childbirth Education

Erlanger offers anytime, anywhere parent education powered by YoMingo®, an education program designed to give you convenient access to valuable information. It includes the tools and support you need at every stage. YoMingo® gives you access to:

  • Evidence-based information on prenatal care, labor and birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, and newborn care including lots of videos
  • Information specific to your arrival and stay Erlanger Baroness Hospital, Erlanger East Hospital, and Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital
  • Kick counter, contraction timer, personal journal, feeding log, immunization log, and other tools. This education, powered by YoMingo®, is available on any device with an internet connection, or as a mobile app called myYoMingo.

Register for the program and follow the instructions. Once you have registered, you will receive an email invitation from noreply@myyomingo.com where you can create a unique password and login. Already registered? Login here.

Disclaimer: The information in YoMingo® is NOT intended to take the place of a healthcare provider or any information that your healthcare provider has discussed with you about your own personal health. It is imperative and advised that you find care and work with your healthcare provider to keep yourself healthy and safe. Always call your healthcare provider with any questions you may have. By creating an account in YoMingo, you have verified that you have read and agree to this disclaimer.

Additional Educational Materials

 General delivery information - locations, tours, what to bring

 Home Care - discharge instructions, infant safe sleeping

 Hospital Stay - rooming-in, infant security, screenings, birth certificates, baby photos, discharge

 Labor and Delivery - time for baby's arrival, admissions instructions, late pre-term infants, skin-to-skin care, scheduling inductions

 Pregnancy and Prenatal - things you need to do/prenatal classes, go the full 40 weeks

 Breastfeeding - tips, resources, signs baby is satisfied, benefits