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The Erlanger Trauma Symposium

Presenter Presentations

 Bhattacharya - Pre-Hospital Pediatric Trauma Resuscitation

 Cunningham - Hospital Disaster Preparedness in Uncertain Times

 Doty - Trampoline-related Injuries: A comparison of injuries sustained at commercial jump parks versus domestic home trampolines

 Havron - Pulse Nightclub: Deadliest Mass Shooting in U.S. history

 Maxwell - Current Management of Rib Fractures

 McQuillan (Courageous Care)

 McQuillan - Management of Acute Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury

 Mendiratta - Trauma in Pregnancy

 Quarfordt - Where Interventional Radiology and Trauma Meet

 Rooks - Gluteal Compartment Syndrome and Other Common Compartment Syndromes

 Steffen - Targeting Media Violence in Prevention of Mass Murder

 Steffen - Dog Attacks: Human Nurture or Dog Nature?

 Wharton - Wilderness and Remote Medicine - Improvisations