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Sports Medicine

The region’s only multi-specialty sports medicine program

UT Erlanger Orthopaedics is about helping you get active again. And in our part of the country, getting active means getting back to the sports we love – whether it’s a weekend golf match or a major marathon. The good news is that there’s no orthopaedics group better equipped to help athletes and active families back in the game. Here’s why:

  • We treat the total athlete – Sports injuries can have many causes – impact, poor training, using improper gear – and can affect much more than our bones and muscles.  So it’s important to receive care from sports medicine experts who understand all aspects of athletic injury.  UT Erlanger offers the region’s only multi-specialty sports medicine program. This means our orthopaedic surgeons team with other sports medicine specialists in cardiology, neurology, and athletic medicine to treat the total athlete.
  • We treat the top teams – UT Erlanger includes orthopaedists who are fellowship trained in sports medicine and who serve as sports medicine providers for the region’s top teams including UTC, Lee University, Covenant College and many area high schools. This comprehensive level of care has also helped make UT Erlanger the official medical provider for prestigious events like the USA National Cycling Championships and Ironman Chattanooga. At Erlanger, you’ll receive care from physicians who have served professional sports teams and Olympians.

Our Doctors

David Bruce, MD
David Bruce, MD
Sports Medicine, Pediatric Orthopaedics

Jeremy Bruce, MD
Jeremy Bruce, MD
Sports Medicine, Hip & Knee Surgery

Brandon Cincere, MD

Clinical Assist. Professor; Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy

John Dorizas, MD
John Dorizas, MD

Clinical Assist. Professor; Sports Medicine, Shoulder & Knee Surgery

Non-Operative Physicians

Bill Moore Smith, MD

Non-Operative Sports Medicine, Family Medicine

Official Sports Medicine providers for:

High School




“Thank you for the amazing care to our athletes here at Lee University. Over the past five years as Head Athletic Trainer at Lee, I have been able to work with several Orthopaedic surgeons, but none have provided the quality of care that we have received from you and your staff." 

“I couldn't be more pleased with the results and attention I have received with my rotator cuff surgery. I will recommend Doctor Dorizas and his wonderful staff to everyone.”

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