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Bariatric Patient Education

After your initial evaluation with the surgeon you are scheduled for a nutrition evaluation with our registered dietitian. The dietitian examines your food and exercise patterns, weight and dieting history, and identifies risk factors you may need to start working on prior to surgery.  Additionally, they try to identify nutrition and surgical information gaps. Following this evaluation every client will be required to attend two classes: Nutrition and Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgery Prep.

Nutrition and Weight Loss class

This online class covers the basics of nutrition and provides strategies to help you meet your pre-surgical weight loss goal and your long-term goals after surgery. Online activities include watching the recorded video lessons and taking a post-lesson test (takes approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours and can be completed at your own pace).

NOTE - The Nutrition and Weight Loss class must be completed prior to scheduling the Bariatric Surgery Prep class.

Bariatric Surgery Prep class

This two-hour class prepares and educates you on what to expect after surgery, the pre- and post-surgery diet stages, and possible side effects from surgery.

We know that bariatric surgery requires comprehensive education, instruction, and support. These required classes are not meant to be road blocks or to prolong the surgery process, they are in place to educate you on what to expect and to provide you with tools necessary for success.