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Patient Stories

Hear what our patients are saying about UT Erlanger Urology.

"InterStim Therapy Helped Me Fly Again"

Lucy Green loves being a flight attendant, mom to six kids, and tennis player. Then overactive bladder made her busy life difficult. Fortunately InterStim therapy gave Lucy fast relief, through a tiny neurotransmitter. Lucy praises Dr. Colin Goudelocke for being a talented InterStim specialist and teacher. “That’s invaluable when you feel empowered yourself.”


“Erlanger Gave Me My Life Back”

Retired coast guard officer Jim Trubey found a joyous, second career as “Santa” for thousands of kids and families. But this was interrupted when cancer was found on his right kidney. Today “Santa Jim” is thankful for a great gift -- kidney-sparing cancer surgery from Dr. Amar Singh. “Erlanger gave me my life back,” he says.


"A Partnership for Beating Cancer"

Michael Emmett talks about his prostate cancer journey and the care he received from UT Erlanger Urology. In Dr. Amar Singh, he found “the best doctor-patient relationship I could have hoped for.” Praising Dr. Singh’s ability to boil down complex details, Michael attributes his success to sticking with the recommended physical therapy and following the prescribed treatment path after surgery.



"We Are So Blessed to Live in Chattanooga"

Dr. June Scobee Rodgers and retired Army Lt. Gen. Don Rodgers share their experiences about being treated by the neurology and urology experts at Erlanger.