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Specialty Areas and Clinics

A listing of urologic specialties and specialized clinics offerer by Erlanger physicians

Urologic Oncology

Erlanger’s academic urologists have earned national recognition in the robotic treatment of urologic cancers, such as kidney, bladder, and prostate. 

Men’s Urology Clinic

We offer fellowship-level expertise for common issues like kidney stones and BPH as well as advanced therapies for male sexual and reproductive health.

Kidney Stone Clinic

This dedicated clinic helps patients prevent kidney stones when possible - and offers advanced, minimally invasive techniques when surgery is required

Women’s Urology and Urogynecology

Our team includes fellowship-trained specialists in pelvic floor reconstruction, incontinence, and overactive bladder.

OAB Clinic

Our Overactive Bladder Clinic is a national model of care for women and men suffering from incontinence.

Pediatric Urology

We provide comprehensive care for children with congenital and acquired urological conditions through Children's Hospital at Erlanger.

Advanced Surgical Options