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Doctor, do you need your patient information anytime AND anywhere?
Now there's an app for that!

For assistance with eMobile, please call 778-TECH (8324).


NOTE: Providers currently using Patientkeeper must delete the current Version of the application from the handheld device then do the following:

For iPhone (Apple) Devices

  • Go to apps store and search for the app using PK8.
  • Download the app it is free; once downloaded Press the Patientkeeper icon.
  • It will ask for a host name type in ‘’, without the single quotes, press GO and then SAVE.
  • It will then ask for a login and password: use your Erlanger Network login/password. Press GO
    • Usually the first 6 letters of your lastname plus first letter of firstname and middle name total of eight characters for the login.
  • It will then ask for Device name, you can customize or allow to default to iPhone/iPad. Press GO
  • Once authenticated the app will sync up with the database and according to your specialty your patient list will display.

 CLICK HERE for the iPhone Quick Reference Guide

For Android Devices

  • Go to ‘Settings’; select ‘Manage Applications or Applications’. Under application settings place a check on ‘unknown source’ which will allow the download of the application.
  • Go to the browser icon (Globe) Click on the Globe.
  • In the address box type in the following: Press the arrow button
  • Patientkeeper.#apr will show as being downloaded.
  • You should get a message that the application was successfully downloaded.
  • Go to ‘Settings’; select ‘Manage Applications or Applications’. Under application settings remove the check on ‘unknown source’ after the download of the application is complete.
  • It will ask for username and password use your Erlanger Network Login/Password, highlight and press the login button.
  • It will ask for the host name type in ‘’, without the single quotes and press Save.
  • The Handheld will Sync up, when done you will have to type your password in and if correct you will get a list of patients

 CLICK HERE for the Android Quick Reference Guide

Physician Portal (PACS Access)

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 iPad VPN

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If you are an Erlanger physician and do not have
VPN access, please call
the Tech Line: