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Cancer Services

Tamika Benning and her husband Darrell were both diagnosed with Lymphoma. They describe their experience receiving successful treatment at Erlanger.
   Watch video (1:14)

Linda Hood's breast cancer was successfully treated by the medical professionals at Erlanger.
   Watch video (:50)

Jessie Orozco received successful cancer treatment for leukemia at Children's Hospital at Erlanger.
   Watch video (:41)

Carol Schoner chose Erlanger to treat her for breast cancer because of her mother's positive experience being successfully treated years before.
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The latest treatment options

Oncology Unit - Inpatient care with large patient rooms and two comfort care suites with room for family members and other amenities.

Infusion Center
Outpatient care for any cancer patient need—chemotherapy, bone marrow biopsy, blood transfusions or growth factors.
For more information, please call 423-778-2150.

Radiation Oncology 
More than 20 years of the latest and most comprehensive treatment options for adults and children, featuring linear accelerators, CT simulator and three-dimensional planning computers for:

  • Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) , obliterating inoperable brain lesions with a small beam of external radiation delivering a high dose of radiation to the targeted area.
  • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), directing radiation to certain areas, while normal or critical structures close to the tumor receive little radiation.
  • Ultrasound Guidance of IMRT, pinpointing specific structures from CT scans, allowing treatment machine to be positioned accurately. This allows for daily correction of internal body movement.
  • High Dose Rate Remote Afterloader (HDR), using catheters to direct radiation treatment into specific tumor site. Treatment advantage is outpatient treatment completed over just a few days as opposed to admission to hospital.

For more information, please call 423-778-7485.


Teaching Hospitals get the latest technology first—like CyberKnife®. The world’s only robotic radiation system, CyberKnife targets tumors almost anywhere in the body. It’s painless, fast, and patients can complete therapy in as few as five visits.
Unlike previous technologies, CyberKnife’s radiation source moves on a computer-controlled robotic arm. Guided in real-time by 3-D imaging, CyberKnife always knows the location of the tumor and targets it from multiple positions, effectively painting it with concentrated radiation beams while sparing surrounding tissue.

This makes CyberKnife ideal for complex tumors, ones in difficult locations, and countless other cases, including prostate cancer, kidney tumors, brain tumors and more. It can even provide a viable treatment option in certain cases previously considered inoperable.


A Multidisciplinary Approach

Multiple physicians, including gynecologic oncologists, pathologists, medical and surgical oncologists, radiologists and radiation oncologists play a role in devising the optimal treatment plan for every cancer patient at Erlanger.

Clinical Research

Participation in clinical trials means Erlanger cancer patients have access to the most advanced treatment options.
 CLICK HERE for a list of clinical trials currently open and available at Erlanger.

Treating the person, not just the illness

To prepare the patient and their loved ones to cope with the disease and treatment, we offer a number of special programs and services:

Patient Advocate Program
The region’s first and only such program. The patient advocate helps patients and families not only navigate through the campus, but also cope with their diagnosis - both spiritually and mentally.
For more information, please call 423-778-5119.

Erlanger Breast Resource Center
Managed by a Certified Breast Cancer Educator and designed to help women learn more about their diagnoses and treatment options. Also provides specific information and literature. Provides free hats and wigs to cancer patients.
For more information, please call 423-778-7609.  

Clinical Education Coordinator
Managed by a Certified Breast Cancer Educator and designed to help women learn more about their diagnoses and treatment options.
For more information, please call 423-778-3253.

Genetic Testing and Counseling
The region's only Board-Certified Medical Geneticist and Licensed Genetic Counselors. For more information, please call 423-778-3241 or 423-778-4566.

 Patient Education Library
A collection of materials available to loan to patients and families.
For more information, please call 423-778-7609.


Erlanger Cancer Services
979 East 3rd Street
Chattanooga, TN 37403

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Cyber Knife

Radiation Oncology

Infusion Center


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