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Women's Services - Erlanger East Campus

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Erlanger East Women's Services

The most complete low-risk obstetrical care in the region can be found at Erlanger East.

Single Room Maternity Care & C-sections

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Erlanger East Women's Services specializes in providing family-centered childbirth for deliveries and babies born at 35-weeks gestation or above.

Spacious and beautifully decorated birthing suites, considerably larger than traditional hospital rooms, allow families to experience their baby's birth together. Those who give birth vaginally will labor, deliver, recover and receive postpartum care from specially trained doctors and nurses in the comfort of their own private birthing suites.

Erlanger East Women's Services routinely performs scheduled and unscheduled C-sections in state-of-the-art operating rooms.  After the baby's birth, mother and child are moved to a beautifully-appointed suite on the single room maternity care unit where the entire family can celebrate the happy occasion.

Each suite is equipped with the latest technology in fetal monitoring, as well as special accommodations such as a TV/VCR/DVD player, refrigerator, rocking chair, sleeping accommodations for a member of the family and bathrooms with sit-down showers with a shower massage. Room service is available for the patient as well as her family.

You and your family will rest comfortably knowing that our facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art infant security system.

Our single-room maternity suites have expanded to include 25 rooms for labor, delivery, and recovery.

Though a comfortable and relaxing environment are important components of the birthing experience at Erlanger East Campus, the health and safety of you and your child are the primary considerations. We welcome those patients desiring an all-natural birthing experience, but 24-hour hour anesthesia service is available for pain management, including labor epidurals and C-sections.

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Nursery Care

Some parents prefer to keep their newborn with them at night, but many want a few hours of uninterrupted rest, so a special holding nursery is available from 11 p.m. through 7 a.

Neonatal Care

Neonatal nurse practitioners having high risk neonatal intensive care unit experience are on site 24 hours/day. They work very closely with the pediatricians and neonatologists, attend deliveries, and assess newborns.  A six-bed Level II-A NICU is available for babies who require a higher level of care. This unit is staffed by specially trained nurses and overseen by the neonatal nurse practitioners. A respiratory therapist is also in-house 24 hours a day.

The NICU is capable of caring for newborns needing IV therapy, apnea or cardiac monitoring and respiratory support such as CPAP.

Visitation hours are open, and parents are encouraged to participate in the care of their child. The NICU offers a "Care by Parent" room for parents to stay overnight with their newborn before the baby is discharged. This private room within the NICU provides an opportunity for parents to learn to care for their infant's special needs under the supervision of the specially trained nurses.

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Affiliation with Children's Hospital at Erlanger

Should an unexpected problem that cannot be taken care of in the Level II-A NICU occur with your baby, the Neonatal/Pediatric Ground Transport Unit, crewed by the neonatal nurse practitioners and neonatal staff, is available to transfer the baby to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children's Hospital at Erlanger on East Third Street. This is the only Level III NICU in the region, providing a level of care for premature and sick newborns that is not available at any other facility. Mothers will also be transported to the Erlanger Baroness Campus to be with their infants.

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Prenatal Classes

A wide variety of affordable childbirth education classes are offered at Erlanger East. Classes fill early, so sign up at an appropriate time in your pregnancy. Don't wait until the last moment to receive the education you need for a safe, less-stressful birth experience. CLICK HERE to register for classes online. Or call 423-778-LINK, 7 days a week, 8 am until midnight.

Prepared Childbirth (Lamaze)
Childbirth Education 
Baby Care/Safety
Infant CPR
Dad's Boot Camp
Stork Scoop

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Physical tours are no longer offered. Please CLICK HERE  for an overview of the birthing facilities and amenities at Erlanger East.

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Child Passenger Car Seat Checks

Properly installed and appropriate car seats are important to the safety of your baby. Expectant parents should have their car seat installation inspected six weeks to a month prior to the due date. The certified child passenger safety technicians at Safe and Sound, the Injury Prevention service of Children’s Hospital, provide car seat inspections and teach caregiver’s how to properly install their child’s seat. Call 423-778-6691 to find locations and times of scheduled car seat installation inspections in our area.

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Breastfeeding Support

A breastfeeding-friendly facility, Erlanger East Campus has a lactation consultant who visits each breastfeeding mother during her stay, and our well-trained staff is able to assist. Our breastfeeding services include:

  • In-room assistance with positioning and latching-on of baby
  • Phone & office support following discharge
  • Monthly Breastfeeding support group.


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Postpartum Support Groups:


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Newborn Photos

We offer customized newborn photo packages, sibling photos and baby photo posting on a secure website through

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Special Amenities

Signature Celebrity Dinner for Two

A delectable four-course dinner prepared by our chef and presented on a very elegant table with china and served in you r room hotel style. What better way to celebrate your first meal together with your new family addition than with a delicious candlelit dinner? Available for a nominal fee and includes palate-pleasing selections from fine appetizers to desserts.

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Erlanger East Women's Services
1751 Gunbarrel Road
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