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Long Term Disability

 Long Term Disability Benefits at a Glance

The Long-Term Disability Plan is an Erlanger-paid coverage that provides a tax-free monthly long-term disability benefit.

You are insured under this plan if you are an active employee that is regularly scheduled to work at least a .52 FTE per week and have been employed for at least 36 months of continuous employment.

Eligibility is lost upon termination of employment or if an employee status changes to below a .52 FTE schedule per week.

Proof of disability must be provided and approved by Unum prior to any benefit being paid.

Effective Date
Your coverage is effective after 36 months of employment.

Elimination Period
An employee must have been unable to work for 180 days. Benefits begin the day after the elimination period is completed.

Benefit Amount
This plan provides a tax-free monthly benefit equal to 60% of the employee’s base salary up to age 65. The maximum monthly benefit is $2,500.

Your payment may be reduced by deductible sources of income and disability earnings. Some disabilities may not be covered or may have limited coverage under this plan.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you are automatically covered under this plan.

Erlanger Health System pays the entire cost of your coverage for active, eligible employees.

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