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Military Leave

Erlanger Health System recognizes the fact that employees will, from time to time request leaves of absence from the Health System. Specific questions not addressed here may be directed to Employee Relations, in the Human Resource Department.

Military Leave
Erlanger Health system provides three types of leave for military service. They are listed below.

Military Regular
Military Regular leave is military enlistment of up to four years (or longer in certain circumstances.) All requests for enlistment must be presented in writing to the proper supervisor and department head at least two weeks in advance. The application for Leave of Absence must be submitted. A copy of the orders to report to active duty must be attached and designate the length of time required to serve active duty.

Military Reserve
Military Reserve leave is military encampment (summer camp and authorized weekend reserve duty.) Prior to starting this leave, employees who must attend annual reserve training must give their supervisor a copy of the order to report.

Military Reservist Called to Active Duty
Military Reservist Called to Active Duty is leave for Reservists called as a result of a state or federal emergency. A copy of the order to report for active duty and an application for leave of absence must be submitted to the supervisor.

Pay Status for Military leaves
Employees who are on Military Leave shall be paid at full salary for a period not exceeding 15 working days in any one calendar year. After the 15-day allotment, available PAL may be used. However, a Military Reservist called to active duty on a state level will be paid his/her full salary by EHS for the duration of the active duty, even in excess of the normal limit of 15 days per calendar year.