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Pension Plan

 Pension Plan Summary Description


Erlanger provides a Defined Benefit retirement plan that is 100% employer-paid.

To become a participant in this plan, you must have been hired prior to 7/1/09. You must also be at least 25 years old, work as an active employee and work at least 1,000 hours during 12 months of regular employment. You will become a participant in this plan on either January 1 or July 1 after the eligibility criteria are met.

Employees are fully vested if they work at least 1,000 hours for three plan years. A plan year is defined as July 1 through June 30.

Early Retirement
A participant may receive a reduced early retirement benefit if they are at least 55 years of age with at least ten years of pension service.

Normal Retirement
Normal retirement age is age 65.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you are automatically enrolled as a participant in this plan.

The retirement benefit is portable for those participants that are vested, have terminated employment but have not yet reached early/normal retirement age.

Erlanger Health System provides 100% of the Plan benefit.
Please see the Summary Plan Description for additional information related to this benefit.