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If you and your partner are expecting, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by fear of the unknown. Studies have shown that being educated in the birth process can reduce the amount of stress in labor. When you understand the labor process, it is easier to allow your body to do what it needs to do. Many new parents find that education through birthing classes, or an online childbirth class, can really help to calm their worries and answer many questions.


Nothing can replace the warmth and personal connection you and your partner would feel in an in-person classroom environment.  However, many couples find it hard to fit time into their schedules to attend classes. Erlanger is excited to over a new online program that allows you to learn at your own pace and convenience. Being well-informed and having confidence in the facilty where you will deliver your baby is essential for a postitve birth experience.

CLICK HERE to connect to Erlanger's eLearning Childbirth Education Program

CLICK HERE to sign up for Erlanger's eLearning Childbirth Education Program


For only a $25 access fee you will be able to view more than 70 videos, animated illustrations, downloadable PDF files and information about Erlanger's two birthing facilities. By simply calling (423) 778-5465 (LINK) we can give you information on who you need to send payment to and once it is received an access code will be sent to you. Once you get your access code you will log into the hospital website and click the eLearning link. Key in your code and you're there. Learn about pregnancy and birth with this interactive tutorial. An easy to understand and user-friendly program, this platform has received three eHealthcare Leadership awards. Features on this easy to navigate site include video clips, audio readings, illustrations, glossaries, an electronic note pad for questions and more. Learn at your own pace and be prepared for your baby's birth.


This online class option may be the answer if you find yourselves in one of the following situations:

  • Time Constraints- prehaps you and your partner hav elimites time because of other commitments or activites
  • Scheduling Conflicts- maybe you and your partner work different shifts and the timing of the in person classes does not allow both of you to attend.
  • Bed Rest- Your healthcare provider may have placed you on bed rest for medical reasons and therefore you can not attend classes.
  • Hospital Classes are Full- perhaps you have waited too long to register for classes and there is nothing available.
  • Have Given Birth Before- It is always helpful to have a "refresher course".

Women's Services:

Baroness Campus

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East Campus
1755 Gunbarrel Road
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Both campuses offer a wide variety of educational classes for new parents and those about to become parents.
Click here to sign up for a class today.

Need help finding an OB/GYN or a Pediatrician? Call Erlanger's LINK line at 778-LINK for assistance.