Every patient in every hospital wants the same thing: to get better. To get back home as quickly as possible, on the way to a full recovery. And that’s why more and more patients are choosing a Teaching Hospital every time they need care—not just for serious illness or injuries, but for routine needs, too. Why? Because studies show that Teaching Hospitals like Erlanger are where patients can expect better outcomes.

The best and brightest, working together.

Why can patients expect better outcomes at a Teaching Hospital like Erlanger? First and foremost is the sheer amount of talent, experience and expertise you’ll find among the hospital’s medical staff, faculty, and residents. Teaching the doctors of tomorrow keeps Erlanger’s physicians at the top of their game, today. And the atmosphere of collaboration you find only at a Teaching Hospital benefits everyone involved—especially the patient.

Teaching Hospitals are at the forefront of modern medicine.

And so, they tend to get the latest technology first. At Erlanger, this includes CyberKnife, the first and only robotic radiation therapy system that targets cancer with pinpoint accuracy—and without pain. Watch for the grand opening of CyberKnife in Spring 2011—only at Erlanger.

Also, as a Teaching Hospital, Erlanger participates in more clinical trials and research. This means, for example, that cancer patients at Erlanger often have more treatment options. And that stroke patients may benefit from a life-saving device called BrainsGate, a medical marvel in use at only 6 hospitals in the entire nation—including Erlanger.

The right people, with the right tools and technology, at the right place. It all makes the Teaching Hospital the right choice—anytime you need care.

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