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Loansome Doc Article Service

What is Loansome Doc?

Loansome Doc® is the document ordering feature available through the National Library of Medicine's PubMed Medline Search Service. Loansome Doc allows you to tag items from among your search results and directly place an order for copies of those articles from us.

Because Loansome Doc is an integrated feature of PubMed, you must first learn how to access and search that database in order to retrieve relevant article citations. Handouts and individualized instruction are available at the Erlanger Medical Library (778-7246) or, if you prefer, a handout may be faxed or mailed to you. Online help is also available through the PubMed web site located at

Who can Use Loansome Doc?

Loansome Doc is available to any health professional in the 55-county region that constitutes the Erlanger service area (Southeast TN, North GA, North AL). We offer Loansome Doc primarily to physicians, but selected allied health professionals and corporate clients are also allowed access as well. Clients from outside the Erlanger service area are encouraged to apply for Loansome Doc service at a medical library in their home state.

How do I start using Loansome Doc?

Before you can use Loansome Doc, you must first register with the Erlanger Medical Library. Because there are charges associated with document delivery services, a signed contract is required to set up an account. You will need to provide the library with some basic information about who you are, how you can be reached and where we should send your monthly bill. Once you register with us, we will give you a special "LIBID" (Library ID) code that you need to input during the Loansome Doc online registration process. When your online registration is complete, you can then select "order" as an option on PubMed and have your search results sent to us for processing. In many cases, the articles can be sent back to you as email attachments.

How long will it take for my articles to arrive?

The answer to this depends largely on what you request. If your request is a large one - 10 articles or more - it may take several days for the Library staff to copy, print or email the articles to you. If some of the articles have to be ordered from other libraries in the Southeast, it will take an average of 10 days for your material to arrive. In general, routine requests for just a few articles from journals we own are ready within 48 hours. Same day Urgent RUSH service is only offered to Erlanger attending physicians and residents needing the information for clinical questions pertaining directly to a patient at Erlanger.

The Erlanger Medical Library serves hundreds of physicians and health professionals in the Chattanooga area and we receive dozens of requests daily. The staff always strives to provide the fastest possible service, but please bear in mind that we are balancing the needs of a large number of customers. Because the primary mission of the Erlanger Medical Library is to serve the needs of the Erlanger Health System, requests submitted by Erlanger attending physicians and residents take priority over the requests of all other users.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge to set up a Loansome Doc account. Article delivery prices are based upon the client's affiliation with Erlanger Health System. Attending physicians receive 5 free Loansome Doc articles per year. Additional articles are billed to your practice at the rate of $4 per in-house article and $6 per interlibrary loan requested from another library. Residents have the fees for their Loansome Doc requests paid for out of Graduate Medical Education funds. Corporate customers pay $10-$12 per Loansome Doc request, depending upon the fees charged by the lending library