Cancer is a battle nobody wants to fight. But you don’t have to face it alone—or leave home. Right here in Chattanooga, the region’s only Teaching Hospital is winning the battle against cancer every day.

The latest treatment options, clinical trials and technology.

As a leading Teaching Hospital, Erlanger participates in more cancer research and clinical trials. That means treatment choices you won’t find at other area hospitals.

CyberKnife destroys tumors without pain.

Teaching Hospitals get the latest technology first—like CyberKnife®. The world’s only robotic radiation system, CyberKnife targets tumors almost anywhere in the body. It’s painless, fast, and patients can complete therapy in as few as five visits.

Unlike previous technologies, CyberKnife’s radiation source moves on a computer-controlled robotic arm. Guided in real-time by 3-D imaging, CyberKnife always knows the location of the tumor and targets it from multiple positions, effectively painting it with concentrated radiation beams while sparing surrounding tissue.

This makes CyberKnife ideal for complex tumors, ones in difficult locations, and countless other cases, including prostate cancer, kidney tumors, brain tumors and more. It can even provide a viable treatment option in certain cases previously considered inoperable.

Print this information sheet to learn more about CyberKnife.

Learn more and see CyberKnife in action.

Support from people who understand.

Defeating cancer is about more than treating the illness. That’s why Erlanger created the region’s only patient advocate program, to help patients and families cope with the stresses that come with the diagnosis. These caring people are with you every step of the way, offering support, education and advice, so you can make every decision with confidence.

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