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Injury Prevention

Erlanger is dedicated to the health and safety of all its patients. Erlanger Trauma Services Department is going to take this dedication beyond the walls of a hospital building and into the surrounding community to help prevent needless injuries and deaths associated with trauma.

Our Mission:

To improve the health status of our region by raising awareness and providing education to individuals, parents, schools, and the community that gives emphasis to the prevention of injuries and elimination of trauma-related deaths.

Injury Statistics:

  • Trauma is any life-threatening occurrence, either accidental or intentional, that causes injuries.
  • A trauma occurs in this country, every four seconds.
  • Trauma is the leading cause of death and disability for Americans under 44 years of age.

(Trauma facts obtained from American Trauma Society,

Shepherd Center Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Curriculum

Shepherd Center was founded in 1975 as a hospital specializing in medical treatment and rehabilitation for people specifically diagnosed with brain or spinal cord injuries. It is located in Atlanta, GA and receives many patients from Erlanger who are victims of trauma. Shepherd Center is also dedicated to injury prevention and has created a curriculum that can be delivered over about 3 weeks or once a week throughout a semester. It covers anatomy, careers in medicine and rehabilitation, and injury prevention. During the program, students learn about brain and spinal cord anatomy and physiology and traumatic injuries and there effects on every-day life. They get to meet a trauma surgeon, trauma nurse, and other rehabilitation career personnel. Some of the lessons include videos of real people affected by a spinal cord or traumatic brain injury. To learn more, visit their website:

Battle of the Belt

Studies show only 68 percent of Americans wear seat belts. Battle of the Belt is a statewide competition between high schools with the goal of increasing seat belt use. It begins with an unannounced seat belt check performed by the high school students to obtain a baseline of how many students, teachers, and parents wear their seat belts. The students then plan and implement a seat belt safety campaign to educate on the importance of seat belt use. (The use of lap and shoulder seat belts reduces the likelihood of fatal injury in front seat passengers by 45 percent and reduces chance of moderate to critical injury by 50 percent.) The students then conduct another unannounced seat belt use check and the results are turned in to the state along with the schools education campaign. The school with the highest percentage of seat belt use and best educational campaign will win a trophy to display at their school. For more information, visit:

Matter of Balance

A program geared towards older adults that emphasizes practical coping strategies to reduce the fear of falling and provides education on changing one’s environment to reduce fall risk factors. Studies show that a fear of falling can actually contribute to falls and is usually met with a decrease in activity, which can also lead to more falls. This class focuses on breaking that cycle. Simple exercises to increase strength and balance are used to safely promote the increase of activity for older adults. It is conducted over eight 2-hour sessions and is led by two trained instructors. For more information, visit:

Distracted Driving

For more information, visit:

Injury Prevention
Vanessa Korter, RN, CCNC, EMT-IV
Jana Jackson, RN, CCNC


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Domestic Violence

Suicide Prevention
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