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How to Search PubMed

PubMed can be found at

Best practice: Begin with the MeSH Browser:

Click the MeSH Browser link on the blue sidebar and type in your search term to locate the correct subject heading. Once you have found the correct term, click the term itself to call up a detailed display of subheadings under that topic. Click the boxes of the subheadings you want to include; narrowing terms such as etiology, diagnosis, surgery, therapy, etc. Once you have selected your subheadings, click the Add to Search box to place the terms in a search strategy. You can add additional terms if you need to further narrow your topic -for example if you wish to search for diabetes AND hypertension. Once you are staisfied with the strategy listed in the PubMed search box, click PubMed Search to actually run the search in the database.

View Results:

Once you have run your search, the results will be displayed 20 records at a time - the total number of records your search retrieved is displayed in the gray bar above the search results list. If you have more than 100 results, consider limiting your search. To set PubMed to display more than 20 records per screen, select a larger number from the Show drop down menu at the top left of the search results list.

Ways to Limit Your Search:

Use the blue Limit link under the search box to select limits for your search. Some useful ones to remember are: Age (child, adult, aged) Publication Date (year or range of years) Language (English only) and Publication Type (Clinical trial, review article). Click Go to apply limits and your filtered search will be run. Limits remain in effect until you change them or logoff the PubMed system.

Mark and Save Your Results:

Click the check boxes next to the items you are interested in. You may save the marked items to the clipboard by clicking the Send To drop down list and selecting the Clipboard.

Displaying and Printing Results on the ClipBoard:

Once you are done compiling articles on the clipboard , click the blue ClipBoard button up near the search bar to view the completed list.

Click your browser's Print button to print your results. To print the abstracts, select Abstract from the drop down menu box next to Display. Click Display again to view the full list of results with abstracts. Click the Print button on your browser to print.

Order Items:

If you would like to order items on the clipboard from the Medical Library, click the Send To drop down list and select Order. If you are a first time user, check the Loansome Doc section of this web site for instructions on how to set up your account. If you are already a registered user, login with your username and password and proceed with your order. Your articles will arrive in about a week, unless your circumstances demand RUSH service (direct patient care situations only).

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