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Document Delivery Services

We offer 2 different kinds of document delivery service to our physicians. We provide copies of articles from journals that we own here at Erlanger, and we can also provide copies of items we do not own by ordering them from other libraries or commercial document delivery services. Some of these services are free, others carry fees.

In-House Copy/Delivery Services:

Items from journals we own here at Erlanger can be delivered to you in a couple of different ways. We can copy the item and leave it at the library front desk for you to pick up or we can fax the item to you at your office. In some cases, (but not all) we can email the full text of the article to you as an email attachment. Volunteers from the Erlanger Auxilliary actually do most of our photocopying for us, so in many cases, there is no charge for this service. For large orders of more than 10 articles, we do charge a fee of .40 per page to recoup the costs of paper and toner. In order to be eligible for our free or reduced-cost photocopy services, you must currently hold admitting privileges at Erlanger and have records on file with Medical Affairs. Unaffiliated physicians are considered corporate customers and will be charged at a higher rate.

Documents Ordered From Other Libraries:

Items ordered from other libraries are treated a little bit differently because there are fees associated with requesting this service. If a physician is a member of the teaching faculty at the UT-College of Medicine Chattanooga Unit, then the costs of his or her document delivery services are absorbed by the College. If a physician is not a member of the UT-COM faculty, then 5 items per year can be ordered and paid for by the Library. Due to the large number of physicians we serve (over 1,000) and the very limited means of the library budget, 5 is simply the most that we can offer per physician per year. Many libraries charge us upwards of $20 apiece for article copy and delivery services. If your research needs require more than the 5 items we can provide "at no charge", we'll bill your practice for the fees associated with the additional requests.

How long does it take?

We have relationships with hundreds of libraries and suppliers all across the country and most any item can be located for you. Delivery times will depend on who we have to order from, how busy they are, and how urgent your need. Urgent RUSH requests (faxed on the same day) can only be filled for research needs directly related to an Erlanger patient.

How can I request these services?

Pretty much any way you can get in touch with us! If you happen to be in the hospital, you can stop by the library to drop off your list. If you're at the office, simply fax us your request at (423) 778-7247. Finally, you can email us a list of items at

We can take an order over the phone if its just for one article and you're in a hurry. If you need several items, please fax or email them to us. The library is a very busy place and hastily-taken phone messages often get scrambled or mis-copied. We'd hate for you to get the wrong article!

Finally, Loansome Doc is also a great way to take advantage of our document delivery services. Read the Loansome Doc section on our web site and get in touch if you want to set up an account.