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Databases and Electronic Journals

The Medical Library subscribes to a number of databases covering medicine, nursing, allied health and healthcare administration. The majority of these databases are only accessible via workstations on the Erlanger network, due to licensing restrictions limiting their availability to authorized users physically located on our campuses. For the purposes of managing access to these resources, we maintain a separate library web site on a server inside the hospital that includes a complete list of our electronic offerings. This site is not accessible from home unless you have special software, an Erlanger network username and password and have registered with the Library. See our page on Remote Access for further information on this.

For physicians who need a quick, clinical tool for everyday use, we are pleased to offer complimentary access to MDConsult as an option for access from home. MDConsult is a fully searchable database of 50 textbooks and 50 journals. It is available for access off campus, but registration with the library is required in advance. The service is simple to use and includes additional useful information such as a drug database, a medical news site, patient education handouts and a set of over 4,000 clinical practice guidelines. We carry a license for 2 simultaneous users, so occasionally you may receive a "busy signal" if 2 people are already logged on. Wait 15 minutes and try again.

You must register for MDConsult at a workstation in the library before your account can be activated from home. Call the Library at 778-7246 to schedule an appointment for MDConsult setup. We'll be happy to help you create an account, show you how to access the service from your home or office and give you some quick instruction in how to use MDConsult to find the full text clinical information you need.

Electronic Journals:

Access to the full text online content of medical journals is tightly restricted to current paying subscribers only. Most publishers charge hefty premiums for access to the latest online content, and institutional or corporate-wide subscriptions for journals often cost many times the price that an individual would pay for the same content. You may have noticed this when you surf to a journal's web site and click on an article, only to receive a message indicating that you must either have a paid subscription or put in your credit card number to pay $20, $30 or more for access to a single article. Despite licensing restrictions, there are ways you can gain access to some of our electronic content from home or off-campus by using VPN (Virtual Private Network) software. Check the Remote Access page for more information.