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Universal Life

The Universal Life Insurance Plan is a voluntary, employee-paid group term life insurance plan offered by Provident & Accident Insurance Company. You can choose to participate to supplement your employer provided life insurance. You may select coverage for yourself, your spouse/spousal equivalent, and your dependent children and grandchildren.

This plan is available to all regular employees assigned to work at least 19.5 hours per week (.52-1.0 FTE). Coverage may be selected on employee only, spouse only, children only or any combination thereof. Not only does the plan provide life insurance; it also builds cash value.
When you terminate, retire, or go on a leave of absence, you can continue the insurance by paying the premiums directly to UnumProvident.

You may enroll for Universal Life coverage during the first 30 after your hire date. After that, you may only enroll during one of the yearly open enrollment periods. The dates are determined yearly and are announced to all employees. If you choose to sign up for coverage, direct your completed enrollment form to The Dyer Agency at (423) 877-0972. Their e-mail address is

Benefit Amount
To get information on benefit amounts, contact the Dyer Agency at (423) 877-0972. You may also reach them by e-mail at

Beneficiary Designation
You can designate both a primary and a contingent beneficiary. You can change your beneficiary by completing the beneficiary designation form in Human Resources. You may change your beneficiary at any time.

The benefit is completely paid for the participants of the plan by the amounts determined by the insurance company. A payroll deduction option is available for premium payments.