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Paid Annual Leave

Erlanger Health System provides a Paid Annual Leave (PAL) program, which includes vacation, holidays and sick time for all regular full-time and regular part-time employees.

PAL days begin to accrue upon the date of employment and will be available for use by hourly employees upon completion of the entry probation period. PAL is available to salaried employees as soon as earned.
PAL is accrued bi-weekly on hours worked and for other approved paid time (i.e., jury duty, bereavement leave, seminars, PAL, EIB, etc.) up to 75 hours per pay period. PAL is not accrued for on-call time. PAL will be accrued for time off due to low census—whether the time off is paid or unpaid.

PAL is accrued for full-time employee (1.0 FTE) as shown below. Part-time employees accrue PAL on a pro-rated basis.

PAL Accrual Rate
(based on 75 hour pay period)

Bi-Weekly Accrual
(hours earned per week)

Annual Accrual
(days earned per year)
0-5 years
6.34 hours
22 days
5-10 years
7.78 hours
27 days
10-20 years
9.23 hours
32 days
20 + years
10.67 hours
37 days