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Basic Life

The Basic Life Insurance Plan is an Erlanger paid group term life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance plan.

You are insured under this plan if you are an active employee that is regularly scheduled to work at least a .52 FTE per week.
Eligibility is lost upon termination of employment or if an employee status changes to below a .52 FTE schedule per week.

Effective Date
Your coverage is effective after 6 months of employment.

Benefit Amount
The amount of the group term life insurance coverage is equal to your annual salary and is employer paid.  The beneficiary must comply with the terms of the underwriter in making the claim for a benefit. This plan provides double indemnity for accidental death and dismemberment.  This plan also has an accelerated death benefit.

Accelerated Death Benefit
If you become Terminally Ill while insured under the Life Insurance provision, you may apply for this Living Benefit Option.  This election is allowed only once in your lifetime and is subject to the conditions shown below.

Terminally Ill means you are expected to die within 6 months.  This must be certified by a Physician and accepted by Provident.

Living benefits will be payable when Provident receives acceptable proof from your Physician that you are Terminally Ill.  Such proof must be in a form that is satisfactory to Provident.  At the time such proof is given, Provident may have you examined by a Physician of Provident’s choice.  This will be at Provident’s expense.

The amount of the Living Benefit will be:

  • 50% of the Life Insurance amount shown in the Schedule of Benefits;
  • determined as of the date Provident accepts proof that you are Terminally Ill;
  • payable only if you are living when payment is made; and
  • not more that $100,000.00.

In no event will the amount payable to your beneficiary upon your death, plus the amount payable to you for this Living Benefit, exceed the amount that would have been payable to your beneficiary if you had not applied for this Living Benefit.

The amount available for you to convert to a personal policy under the Conversion of Life Insurance provision will be reduced by the amount of the Living Benefit paid to you.

NOTE:  Benefits paid under this Living Benefit Option may be taxable.  If so, you or your beneficiary may incur a tax obligation. As with all tax matters, you should consult your personal tax advisor to assess the impact on this benefit.

AD & D Exclusions
AD & D (Accidental Death and Dismemberment) benefits aren’t paid for losses caused directly or indirectly, wholly or partly by:

  • bodily or mental infirmity;
  • ptomaines;
  • bacterial infection, except those which occur with and through a cut or wound at the time of the accident;
  • hernia in any form;
  • medical or surgical treatment (except surgical treatment required by the accident and performed within 90 days after the accident);
  • war or any act of war;
  • suicide or intentionally self-inflicted injury, whether sane or not;
  • injury while piloting or acting as a member of the crew of an aircraft other than an air ambulance owned and operated by the Chattanooga-Hamiltion County Hospital Authority unless doing so is directly in the course of work as an associate of the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Hospital Authority; or
  • injury while a passenger in any aircraft not licensed to carry passengers.

Your beneficiary designation is kept in your personnel file.  You can change your beneficiary at any time by completing a new beneficiary designation.  The change is effective the date that it is received by Erlanger.  A person’s right as a beneficiary ends if:

  • you name more than one beneficiary, they will share equally unless you provide otherwise.
  • a beneficiary dies before you, his or her share will be paid equally to the surviving beneficiaries, unless you state otherwise.  Any amount for which a beneficiary is not named will be paid to your estate.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you are automatically covered under this plan.

Erlanger Health System pays the entire cost of the plan for active, eligible employees.