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After-Hours Access for Physicians

After hours access to the Library is available to current attending physicians who hold admitting privileges at Erlanger. If you do not currently have an Erlanger access card (used for opening doors, access to ORs and other restricted areas), then you will need to visit the Library and make an application to the Library Manager. All that is required is a quick orientation, verification of your status, and a signed Library Usage Agreement. The Library Manager will call Security and arrange for a card to be issued in your name and you may pick it up at Security Administration on Ancillary West 1 past the Cafeteria to the right.

Security is an ongoing concern in libraries that offer after hours access. Theft of materials and misuse of computer equipment can be serious and costly problems. In order to protect the safety of our resources, we ask that you abide by several simple rules:

Do not remove any library materials after hours.
Do not loan your access card to anyone else.
Do not let others into the Library after hours.
Report those sneaking in behind others or loitering in the halls outside the door trying to get in.
Security can be reached at extension 7614. There are phones throughout the Library.
Please report unauthorized users and help us stop theft.